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How to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

From laptops to tablets and even televisions, children are surrounded by screens at what seems like all times. It makes sense then that they spend most of their time absorbed in a screen. While this may seem normal, it shouldn't be. Below are some tips to help your child step away from the screens more often.

Why Reducing Screen Time Is Important

You may be used to seeing your child absorbed in a video game or putting their studying on hold while they respond to a text, but this doesn't mean this should be the norm. In fact, as students spend more and more time in front of screens they start to lose out on important things like physical activity, human connection, and the ability to concentrate. Because of this, it's important that you help your child reduce the amount of time they spend absorbed in a screen.

Set Rules Around Electronics

To help your child spend less time being distracted by a screen, set limits to their screen time. For example, make certain times of the day electronics-free times, such as their study time and dinner time. Of course, if they're not allowed to use their phone or tablet while at the dinner table, no one else should either.

Make Screen Time a Reward

Screen time shouldn't be considered the norm but rather a reward or privilege. Reserve your child's video game time or the time they're allowed to spend on social media for when they've completed their chores or when they've finished their homework and studying. This will set limits to their screen time while also ensuring they don't automatically grab their smartphone while completing another task.

Set the Right Example at Home

If you're trying to limit the time your child spends distracted by screens, this is also a good time to evaluate your own use of your smartphone and tablet. You will need to set the right example for your child, so leave your cellphone and tablet out of arm's reach during the day.

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