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This winter break, don't let your child fall behind or waste away their break. Help them carry out more constructive activities by taking advantage of daily tasks and turning them into learning opportunities with the following ideas.

How to Help Your Child Learn This Winter Break With Daily Activities

  • Let them help out with chores. For some, winter break is spent mostly at home with family, but that doesn't necessarily mean that children should just sit around and watch television all day. This is the perfect time to let your child learn to help out with house chores. Even the youngest child can help out with something. Small children can assist in picking up items off the floor and placing them in designated baskets or assigned places. Older children can help sort laundry or sweep and mop. All of these activities may sound like they are just simple daily tasks, but they can, in fact, help your child's mind stay sharp. For example, sorting the laundry helps children learn about categorizing. Sweeping and mopping can help children build better coordination and improve motor skills.

  • Bake together. This is a great way to spend some bonding time with your child while having fun and learning. There are several simple cookie recipes that you can look for online and print out. Make your child a part of the entire process as it can all be a great educational experience. From buying the products at the grocery store and paying for them to measuring out the ingredients will help your child practice math while making a tasty treat.

Tutoring in Hemet CA

There are many great ways to ensure your child continues to learn and do well during their break. Tutoring is the best way to make sure your child does really well and even gets ahead academically. Call The Tutoring Center, Hemet CA today at (951) 658-6549 and ask for a free diagnostic assessment for your child.


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