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Educational Activities for a Fun Winter Break

Winter break is meant to give students some time away from their stressful academic routine, but this doesn't mean they should forget about academics altogether. To keep their break fun and relaxing while providing them with some academic...

Keep Your Child Motivated at the Midyear Point

If your child usually starts the school year strong but then takes a dip during the midyear point, don't let this happen again this school year. Use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Hemet CA to keep your child motivated throughout the school...

Develop Better School Habits

Bad habits are easy to develop, but they don't lead to much good. Because of this, it's important that you help your child identify their bad habits and help them replace these with better ones. Below are some examples of bad habits that can be replaced with a little...

Tips to Reduce Homework Stress

If your child puts up a resistance to doing homework every day and ends up rushing to finish it at night, this can cause them some real stress. Help eliminate this unnecessary stress with these homework tips.

Create a Homework Schedule

Sometimes the hardest part...

Teach Your Child to Be More Creative

Creative thinking is an important skill for students to develop, but there isn't always time for it in the classroom. As a parent, you can encourage your child to develop their creative thinking skills at home with these tips.

Why It's Important for Your...


What You Should Know About the Summer Slide

If you are a parent to students and have never heard of the summer slide, stop and read this post! Although its name suggests something fun and entertaining, the summer slide is something you need to watch out for over the summer break. To learn all...

Goals for the End of the School Year

As the end of the school year draws near, your child may be tempted to forget about school work in favor of relaxing. Unfortunately, this type of attitude can still impact their final grades. Help them balance school work and fun by encouraging them to set...

What Your Child Can Eat to Improve Their Academic Performance

Good academic performance doesn't come naturally, it takes studying, preparation, and good habits. Healthy eating habits are something that tends to get overlooked when trying to improve a student's academic performance. To help your...

Identify Your Child's Learning Distractors

It's not uncommon for students to have a tough time concentrating on their homework or studying, but that doesn't mean it's not an issue. In fact, if your child gets distracted often, they may not be getting anything out of their study time. To help...

The Importance of Sleep for Academic Success

Everybody loves to sleep, but that doesn't necessarily mean we get as much as we need. As a parent, you may struggle to ensure your child catches plenty of z's every night. Whether they're up late finishing an assignment or are simply distracted by...


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