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Keep Your Child Motivated at the Midyear Point

If your child usually starts the school year strong but then takes a dip during the midyear point, don't let this happen again this school year. Use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Hemet CA to keep your child motivated throughout the school year.

Change up Routines

If your child has lost their motivation, something as simple as changing up their daily routines can help them get excited to start their day. Reassess your child's routines and look for things that may not be working or that may need some freshening up. Changing up their breakfast menu or even rearranging their workspace can be enough to get them motivated for the day.

Introduce Incentives

Presenting your child with incentives can help them be more interested in their schoolwork. Recognizing their efforts and their gains through positive reinforcement can help them stay motivated. Take this one step further by presenting them with a fun trip to a museum to celebrate a good grade they worked hard for. If your child likes to read, why not give them a book they've been wanting when they move up a reading level?

Look for Additional Help

Sometimes students have a hard time staying motivated because they're having trouble keeping up in class. Instead of letting your child give up, give them some extra help with their schoolwork. Look for additional resources, such as tutoring, to help them catch up and get excited about school.

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