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Tips to Reduce Homework Stress

If your child puts up a resistance to doing homework every day and ends up rushing to finish it at night, this can cause them some real stress. Help eliminate this unnecessary stress with these homework tips.

Create a Homework Schedule

Sometimes the hardest part about homework is just getting started. Have your child get it over with by having them complete it earlier in the day. Create an after-school routine that includes homework time right after school so that they can get this task done and enjoy a stress-free rest of the day.

Practice Time Management

Time management is a super important skill that students should work on developing. Teach your child to prioritize work and manage their time more efficiently so that tasks can get done faster. Ask your child to estimate how long each assignment will take them so that they have a better idea of how much time they should be spending on each one. This can also help them stay focused since they're working on a bit of a time limit.

Create To-Do Lists

To-do lists are a great organization tool that can help your child visualize how much work they need to complete and how much time they will need. As they cross completed items off of their list, your child can feel more motivated to continue working, helping them to stay focused.

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