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Educational Activities for a Fun Winter Break

Winter break is meant to give students some time away from their stressful academic routine, but this doesn't mean they should forget about academics altogether. To keep their break fun and relaxing while providing them with some academic stimulation, try out these activities.

Plan for a Road Trip

If your family is planning to take a trip this winter that involves hours of sitting in traffic, plan ahead to make these hours productive. Download some audio books that the whole family will be interested in and download some games or apps that are fun and educational. You can also play games that involve identifying letters or numbers on the license plates of other cars on the highway.

Set Aside Time to Read

Reading is the perfect boredom buster for students who haven't planned ahead for winter break. At some point, your child will get tired of staring at a screen all day. When this time comes, hand them a book and help them get comfortable in a reading nook you've set up. It helps to have multiple books waiting for them this winter break.

Holiday Writing Practice

If your child has received gifts from a number of people this holiday season, have them practice their handwriting by encouraging them to write thank you notes. They can also be in charge of writing your grocery list as you prepare for a holiday get-together. This type of practice can feel less like a chore because it gives your child real responsibility, so they'll be more willing to do it.

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