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Help Build up Your Child's Vocabulary

Even though math and science don't seem like they are directly connected to vocabulary building, they are definitely affected by it. All subjects have certain terms and vocabulary that need to be learned in order to better understand the material. That is why vocabulary building is a skill that should be practiced and dominated. The following tips provide some insight as to how to motivate your child to practice and improve their vocabulary building skills in a more enjoyable manner.

How to Help Make Vocabulary Learning More Fun at Home

  • Most schools give students a vocabulary list every week. This usually means looking up definitions and copying the words several times, but you can make this a little more fun by asking your child to draw a picture that depicts each word.
  • Since your child will most likely have to look up the definitions of the words, ask them to read these out loud and to spell the word so you can record them. Play back the recordings for them throughout the day.
  • Play games and activities that can help your child practice their new vocabulary. There are a few word games you can play in the car or while cooking, such as Guess the Word. In order to play this, you pick a word from your child's vocabulary list without telling your child what word you picked.  For example, if the word is preposterous you would say, ¨I'm thinking of a word that means absurd or ridiculous.¨ Then they would have to guess what word you are thinking of.

Reading and Vocabulary Help with Tutoring in Hemet CA

Tutoring is a great way to make sure your child receives the extra help and support they need in every academic area. So, whether your child is struggling in reading, math, vocabulary building, or another subject, make sure your child gets the best tutoring help. At The Tutoring Center, Hemet CA your child will receive the best help from expert tutors that are dedicated to ensuring that your child understands and learns while having fun. Contact them today at (951) 658-6549.


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