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Math is one of the most necessary subjects but tends to be very misunderstood. Teaching the base elements of math and helping a child understand them at an early age will make math much more accessible throughout their academic life. Today, we want to provide some information in regards to some of the best ways to give your child a powerful boost in math from early on.

Facilitate Math With Tutoring and a Strong Math Foundation

The key to facilitating a child´s academic development in math starts with creating a secure groundwork. This means that children need to be introduced to the foundational components of math at an early age. There are several ways to do this. Most mathematical foundations can be introduced in a fun and clever manner that will make a child interested in the subject. Quantity, number recognition, number representation and understanding of operations are some of the basic math foundations that need to be instilled in young children. Tutoring is a great way to allow children to start off on the right path towards a better education and stronger math abilities. Contact us now and find out more about how you can enhance your child's education today.

How Some Math Foundations Can Be Introduced at Home

  • Quantity. This is one of the first math concepts children learn. The idea that most stuff can be counted is something most children can understand early on. They might start with distinguishing when there is a lot of a certain item versus when there are just a few. This can be represented with color pencils, candy, and even people. In a room, they might see one or two persons and be able to count them versus when they are at the store and they see a lot of people and may not be able to count them all. Testing these skills will make sure they understand the difference and can comprehend the essence of quantity. It may be a good idea to start off teaching children how to count their fingers and introduce them to the idea of quantity that way.
  • Number Recognition. The ability to identify numbers and tell them apart from letters is how children start to demonstrate that they are ready to learn to recognize numbers. As they are further introduced to the concept they must learn each number by name (one, two or three, etc), be able to distinguish their graphic representation (1, 2, 3, etc.) and know what each number stands for in regards to quantity. You can start off teaching children the shape of number one by drawing it in sand or shaping it with play dough, and then showing them a single item. As they move on to the number two, do the same but then show them two items that are the same so they can relate the shape, the name of the number and the quantity of items.
  • Number Meaning. This is also known as number representation. It basically means being able to tell the difference between when a number represents a quantity or when it is there to state the order of something. Part of this concept is being able to tell apart ordinal from cardinal numbers. Without the need to get very technical with young children, you can start to show them that numbers can be used to show the sequence of things or to represent an amount. For example, you can give a child simple 2 to 3 step instructions and write them down. Get two sheets of colorful cardboard paper, on one sheet write down: 1. Pick up toys  and add a picture or photo of them picking up the toys. Then, on the other sheet write down, 2. Put the toys in their place. Have them tell you which sheet goes first, then explain that those numbers are there to let them know which thing they need to do first and what they need to do next. Then, explain that numbers can represent amounts, such as two toys, or the order of things, such as those sheets with instructions.

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Children need the right foundations to be better students and life long learners, not just in math, but in every area. At The Tutoring Center near San Jacinto we have the best academic program for children of all ages, including your little ones. With our “Little Geniuses in Training” Kindergarten Math Program, you can be sure you child will be more than equipped to tackle math problems as they continue with their education. Call (951) 658-6549 now to find out more about tutoring classes and homework help.


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