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School Routines to Keep Your Student on Track

To make the school year less chaotic for you and your student, try creating easy to follow routines at home. These will give your child's day some structure, making it easier for them to stay on track. For some ideas on the routines you can establish at home, keep reading.

Bedtime Routine

If you have trouble getting your child to bed on time, a bedtime routine is a perfect solution. Although your child may try to fight it at first, once they get used to their new routine, falling asleep on time every night will become much easier. Have their bedtime routine start at least an hour before their bedtime so that they can prepare their body for sleep. Instead of interacting with screens, have your child do some relaxing activities, such as reading, doing some light studying, or taking a warm bath. As they start to practice the same routine each night, their body will understand that it's time to go to bed, helping them fall asleep on time.

Morning Routine

Your child's morning should start at the same time every day so that their body gets used to their routine. Set a wake-up time that ensures they get the right amount of sleep every day. Once they're up, your child should have enough time to get ready. This may include time to shower, get dressed, grab their school supplies, eat a healthy breakfast, brush their teeth, and be out the door without feeling rushed. Do your best to stick to this routine on weekends so that they don't lose the habit.

After School Routine

When your child gets home after a long day of classes, the last thing they want to do is homework. Instead of insisting that they do their homework right away, give your child time to unwind. Create a routine that allows them to recharge their batteries before they settle into their homework area. Be sure they start their homework at the same time every day so that this turns into an easy to follow habit.

After School Tutoring in Hemet CA

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