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Identify Your Child's Learning Distractors

It's not uncommon for students to have a tough time concentrating on their homework or studying, but that doesn't mean it's not an issue. In fact, if your child gets distracted often, they may not be getting anything out of their study time. To help them regain their concentration, figure out what is causing them to get distracted so often.

Internal Learning Distractions

Internal distractions are harder to recognize because they aren't physically present. In fact, these types of distractors often live inside your child's head. They can be anything from test-taking anxiety to stress and worries in their everyday life. These thoughts can often take over your child's mind, causing them to read the same paragraph multiple times without actually grasping anything. If you notice your child is having a hard time focusing, talk to them about what's bothering them. Sometimes they just need someone to listen to their concerns before getting back to work.

External Learning Distractions

External learning distractions may be easier to identify because they tend to be tangible objects or people. These can be anything from your child's cellphone to their study group. If your home is noisy while your child is studying, this can also be a huge distraction. To help your child concentrate, do your best to provide them with an effective study space. While you're at it, consider making it an electronics-free zone.

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