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What Are SMART Goals?

If you're getting ready to sit down with your child to set goals for the year, be sure you know the most effective method for goal setting. Use these tips to help your child set SMART goals.


To start, be sure your child has a clear idea of what they want to accomplish. This means their goals should be specific in order for them to work. Instead of your child deciding they want to get a good grade, ask what grade they're aiming for. Once they have a clear goal, ask what tools and resources they will need to accomplish each goal. This will make creating a step by step plan easier.


Having goals that are easily measured is essential in order for your child to stay motivated. What this means is that the goals your child sets should show your child's growth along the way. This will help them see where they have improved and what gains they've made. As they see their progress, they will be much more excited about getting closer to their final goal.


As much as we want to believe that anything is possible, this isn't always the case. Your child's goals should challenge them to do their best, but they should still be achievable. If your child sets goals that are impossible to reach, they are setting themselves up for failure and disappointment. A good way to know if their goals are achievable is by working on a step by step plan to reach their goal.


Your child's goals should always be relevant and something they want to achieve. Avoid setting goals for your child and instead, let them decide what they want to work towards. This will ensure that they really care about reaching their goals. If they don't care about the goals, they likely won't feel motivated enough to work towards them.


Finally, all goals should have a deadline or due date. This will not only make creating a plan easier, it will also keep your child motivated. Create smaller deadlines along the way to track their progress, and if any changes need to made to their plan, help them modify it.

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