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Goals for the End of the School Year

As the end of the school year draws near, your child may be tempted to forget about school work in favor of relaxing. Unfortunately, this type of attitude can still impact their final grades. Help them balance school work and fun by encouraging them to set end of year goals like the ones listed below.

Finish Strong

Your child worked so hard all year long to get the best grades they could muster. If they decide to slack off weeks before the end of the school year, all of their hard work could go to waste. Help your child focus on the finish line and encourage them to set short-term goals that will help them stay motivated to finish strong. They can set study goals to get studying done daily or even goals for the scores they want to get on their final exams.

Set Summer Rewards

If your child is having a hard time focusing on the work they still have to complete, set rewards for each item they complete well. For example, if they get the score they were hoping for on a final exam thanks to their studying efforts, let them pick out what your family will have for dinner that night. You shouldn't bribe your student to do well, but small rewards like this can help keep them motivated when it's easy to get distracted.

Have Some Fun

Finally, if your child tends to bury their nose in their notes and studying, encourage them to make it a goal of theirs to enjoy the end of the school year. While grades are important, they should also make time to enjoy end of year activities like dances and barbecues.

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