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Circumstances That Cause Math Struggles and How Tutoring Can Help

One of the subjects that students most frequently struggle in is Math, but why is that? And what can you do about it? Well, there are several factors that take part in this recurring problem, but there are a few major elements that can mark the difference. If these problems are addressed correctly, children can learn to succeed and excel in math regardless of the difficulties. At the Tutoring Center in Hemet , we recognize that each subject has its own adversities, that is why our Academic Programs are created to help tackle all obstacles and allow students to enjoy the material. With this in mind, we have compiled a brief summary of some of the circumstances that can cause students to struggle with math and how they can best be dealt with.

3 Factors That Can Affect Math Performance

Instructions. How well instructions are given when explaining a new math concept is the most influential factor in whether a child does well or struggles in that area of math. As explained in our previous post, the educational system is based on more general guidelines and does not truly focus on individual help or support. This means that it is harder for the teacher to explain the lesson in  a way that all students will understand, and the chances of getting all the doubts of each student clarified are very slim. With tutoring, each student is able to voice or demonstrate his or her specific struggles and these doubts can be best addressed and fully covered. The unique and individual instruction that the tutor can provide for a student is very valuable, especially when it comes to math because it is a great opportunity to focus and tailor the lesson and explanation to the child's interests, leading to a more complete and enjoyable way of learning math. Contact us today at (951) 658-6549 and ask about our ¨Geniuses in Training¨ Math program, to learn more about how we can help your child improve their math skills. Curriculum. This is another crucial element when it comes to learning math. Since mathematics require continuity in order to comprehend the material, how the curriculum is designed and followed can affect a student's ability to fully comprehend it. For instance, a student that does not fully master division will have a very difficult time with more advanced equations. That is because almost all math concepts are based on the previous lessons and in order to advance they require that they be well comprehended. Due to the fact that math concepts grow on top of previous knowledge and build on that, without a strong foundation of that previous learning, it can become increasingly difficult to keep up and understand the material. If the curriculum varies greatly or is suddenly changed, it can create problems for the students as the previous curriculum may have not taught the bases required to start off where the new curriculum begins. This is often the case when children transfer schools or move to a new school district where the curriculum may be different. Although the level may be the same, the curriculum may be arranged differently and there may be gaps in the lessons that were not yet covered in their previous curriculum, leaving the student confused and frustrated with the lessons. A great way to make sure your child is comfortable with the curriculum is to go over their textbooks and make sure they have all the bases covered. If you find any areas they are struggling with, make sure they talk to their teacher and have them suggest a few catch-up classes or further explanations, and as always, a great way to deal with these sorts of math complications is to enroll your child at the Tutoring Center in Hemet. Memory and Attention. Both, memorization skills and the attention span of a child can also affect their ability to comprehend subjects that are more sequential such as math. Memorizing the different terms used in math is important to comprehend and better understand the lessons and continuously improve. Paying attention is part of learning any subject but in math every minute counts and it is important that not a single step is missed as this can make a huge difference. Working on both memorization skills and enhancing the attention span of a student can make an incredibly positive difference in how well they perform in math.

Improve in Math Classes With Tutoring in Hemet

Encourage better learning skills and help your child love learning with tutoring. The Tutoring Center in Hemet offers quality academic programs that specialize in each child's unique needs. Call (951) 658-6549 today, and allow your child to improve in all school subjects.


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