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While many teachers do a great job, here are some constraints that keep them from providing the optimal learning environment for each student. Here is where tutors can really make the difference. One of the main benefits of tutoring at The Tutoring Center in Hemet is that our academic programs are customized to your child's needs. One-to-one tutoring gives your child the attention and devotion necessary to ensure that she gets the most from her educational experience. Here are some of the methods we use to customize and deliver our plans to you.

Tutoring Methods in Hemet, CA

Tutor Qualifications

While most tutors have educator training, many also have diverse experience. Not only do they know how to teach, and know the curriculum, but they also have applied their learning in other occupations. Credentials are important, and many tutors have them, but it is equally valuable to have tutors with professional experience outside of the classroom. Tutors also bring training in psychology, sociology, and other fields to better understand their students. Some may focus on a specific age group, or educational level, or learning style, while others cover the gamut.

Individualized Plan

The tutor will develop a customized plan for your child. This plan starts with a free diagnostic assessment of the student's learning style, interests, grades, school work, and reason for tutoring. Call The Tutoring Center in Hemet, CA at (951) 658-6549 for your free diagnostic assessment today. Using this assessment, the tutor will develop goals with the student, parents, and school teachers. The goals must be reasonable and achievable so the student experiences the progress and remains engaged in the process. The tutor then develops a plan for achieving the goals tailored to the child's specific needs. Building a strong relationship between the tutor and the student is the most important aspect of the whole program. As the relationship moves forward, the tutor can adjust the plan as necessary, an option often not available to classroom teachers.

One-to-One Tutoring Sessions

The first tutoring sessions will help the tutor and student to get to know each other. These initial lessons are usually easy so the child feels comfortable and the tutor can build trust. Starting off easy also allows the tutor to identify any gaps necessary to address before moving on to more advanced material. Because the sessions are one-to-one, the tutor can immediately begin to correct these knowledge gaps. They also allow the student to participate more, making sure the child remains engaged. Instead of listening to a lecture, your child will perform various activities that fit her learning style and interests. By acting on the lessons, your child will learn more effectively. Visit our webpage to find out more about the subject material of our academic programs.

Learning Styles

Every student has strengths and weaknesses, and these form their style of learning. Some may be good listeners, others good readers, while others learn better with their hands. It is crucial to differentiate learning style from learning behaviors, habits that can help the child improve on weaknesses in their learning style. While one method may work best for the student, we want the child to practice a variety of learning styles so they can more easily adapt to the requirements of their learning environment. Good tutors use a variety of teaching methods to fortify the child's strengths and to develop her weaknesses.

Carefully Monitored Progress

The tutor will constantly monitor the student's progress and provide constructive feedback. Frequent evaluation in manners that do not seem like 'tests' will inform the tutor of how the child is advancing while letting the child have fun with her studies. There may be computer or board games that test the skills taught in the tutoring lessons, though the child should expect to take some more traditional quizzes from time to time. The tutor will assign homework and advise the student on ways to apply and practice their lessons on their own, outside the class. Good tutors will always develop or find outside materials that will help the child improve their learning habits.

For Tutoring in Hemet, CA

At The Tutoring Center in Hemet, CA, we employ these methods to ensure your child the optimal learning environment and experience. We would love for you to visit our webpage to find out more about our academic programs, offering one-to-one tutoring in math, reading, writing, and more for students of all levels and abilities. Give us a call today at (951) 658-6549 to schedule a free diagnostic assessment so we can start your child on the road to academic success.


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