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Reading is a very enjoyable activity, but when children struggle with it, they can begin to formulate a negative attitude towards it. That is why it is important to detect the problem and get your child help right away. The following are some reading objections children have and how to deal with them.

Reading Objections and How to Deal with Them

  • "Reading is boring." Children that have a hard time with reading comprehension will many times say that reading is boring. They struggle to understand the concept of it, and of course, this turns it into a dull activity. Help your child choose books that are simple to read and understand. If necessary, read out loud to them first. Focus on the character's voice and tone in order to engage them with the story first. Once they're interested, ask them to read on their own for a few minutes.
  • "I don't want to."  Reading is a calm activity. Many times children will say they don't want to read because they have a hard time staying put or focused on one thing for too long. These children would usually prefer an active game or activity. In this case, help them complete a few minutes of reading even if they have to start out with just five minutes. Reward them with an active game or activity if they read quietly and successfully. Gradually increase the time they need to read quietly until they get better at it. Make sure you help them pick books they enjoy so it doesn't feel like a chore.
  • "Reading is hard."  Sometimes children lack good reading foundations, and, therefore, it becomes difficult for them to read at their level. Make sure your child completes the proper reading milestones, such as memorizing sight words and knowing how to sound out words on their own before asking them to read by themselves. Poor reading foundations need to be dealt with immediately in order to help your child catch up. Get them tutoring help right away. Once they start to improve they will start seeing how reading gets easier and more fun every time.

The Reading Help Your Child Needs with Tutoring in Hemet CA

Very few children are naturally good readers. For most students, reading requires practice, guidance, and skills enhancement. At The Tutoring Center, Hemet CA, they have the ideal reading program that will work with children to not only help them be better readers but will also promote a love for learning. Contact them right now at (951) 658-6549 and schedule a free consultation today.


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