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What You Should Know About the Summer Slide

If you are a parent to students and have never heard of the summer slide, stop and read this post! Although its name suggests something fun and entertaining, the summer slide is something you need to watch out for over the summer break. To learn all about it, continue reading.

Learn About the Summer Slide

Although its name sounds fun, the summer slide is actually a negative that can affect students who don't participate in any academic activities over the summer months. Since they aren't putting their school lessons to use nor are they exercising their brain, these students can lose knowledge over the summer. This means the past school year's lessons can be lost since they aren't being put to use. Once the new school year starts up, these students can have a harder time keeping up because they can no longer recall the information they need to continue growing academically.

Why It Matters

Students who lose valuable knowledge over the summer not only have a harder time keeping up during the new school year, they can also lose a lot of valuable time having to re-learn lessons from the previous year. Oftentimes, teachers will lose weeks of school reteaching lessons students just can't seem to remember. If your child has a hard time keeping up, this can also affect their motivation and their self-confidence.

Stop the Summer Slide

Luckily, there are many ways to stop the summer slide from affecting your student. Reading is largely important and is easy to encourage during the summer. Students who don't read have the potential to see a significant drop in their reading level. Prevent this from happening by taking weekly trips to the library, enrolling your child in a reading program, and by making silent reading a daily activity for your entire family. Other easy ways to avoid the summer slide include enrolling your child in summer school or summer tutoring. Look for other educational programs around your town and make time at home to practice educational lessons with your child.

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