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Help Build up Your Child's Vocabulary

Even though math and science don't seem like they are directly connected to vocabulary building, they are definitely affected by it. All subjects have certain terms and vocabulary that need to be learned in order to better understand the material. That is why...

Get an Early Start Encouraging Your Child to Go to College

Research shows that students who have been encouraged to go to college from a young age are more likely to reach their goals and graduate from a college or university. Start instilling a positive attitude towards college this summer...
Reading is a very enjoyable activity, but when children struggle with it, they can begin to formulate a negative attitude towards it. That is why it is important to detect the problem and get your child help right away. The following are some reading objections children have and how to deal with...

How to Help Your Child Be More Diligent with Their Academic Work

Studies have shown that procrastination is one of the most common bad habits that students have and the one that is most often responsible for bad grades. However, with persistence and the right guidance, students can learn to avoid...

Tips to Improve Your Test-Taking Abilities

Tests aren't something you should study for the night before. Efficient test taking consists of learning the material very well and proving it through answering test questions correctly. That is why the best way to improve on test performance is to be...
Students must be good listeners in order to learn. That means that just showing up to class isn't enough, they need to be able to retain what is said and respond. That is why good listening skills are so important. Today we want to discuss the importance of good listening skills and how you can...

Parental Involvement Makes a Big Difference

In a previous post we discussed how important it is for parents to be involved in their child's education. Helping your child stay on top of homework tasks and complete them on time can mark a big difference. In fact, it is usually students whose...
By Jonathan Craton

Introduction In the past few decades, interactive electronic media has grown from virtual non-existence to one of the primary means of entertainment for college students. In more recent years, the Internet has completely changed the landscape of electronic media from...
By Cynthia Tobias 

"My strong-willed child and I are like two goats fighting on a cliff neither of us is backing down and we're both willing to go over the edge to get our way." This recent admission from a strong-willed mom undoubtedly has a lot of you nodding in agreement.

If you're a...

New Year Resolutions That Will Improve Your Academic Performance

New Year's resolutions are the perfect way to start the year off on the right path. Students should take this as an opportunity to set their priorities straight and structure their goals in a way that allows them to advance in their...


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