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Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

Reading is a skill all students will have to develop and master at some point during their academic career. Help your child master it early on with these tips.

Read Together

Reading with your child is a great way to encourage them to develop healthy...

Encourage Your Child to Love Math

If you asked your child to name their favorite school subjects, math probably wouldn't be near the top of their list, if it even made the list. Although this isn't uncommon, do your best to encourage your child to enjoy this subject a bit more. Math is a very...

How to Help Your Child Through a Tough Assignment

Homework is one of those things that no one is particularly fond of, but it must get done. If your child is stuck on a tough assignment, don't allow them to give up and instead do your best to help them through it. Use these tips to help your...

What Are SMART Goals?

If you're getting ready to sit down with your child to set goals for the year, be sure you know the most effective method for goal setting. Use these tips to help your child set SMART goals.


To start, be sure your child has a clear idea of what they want to...

School Routines to Keep Your Student on Track

To make the school year less chaotic for you and your student, try creating easy to follow routines at home. These will give your child's day some structure, making it easier for them to stay on track. For some ideas on the routines you can establish...

Help Build up Your Child's Vocabulary

Even though math and science don't seem like they are directly connected to vocabulary building, they are definitely affected by it. All subjects have certain terms and vocabulary that need to be learned in order to better understand the material. That is why...

Get an Early Start Encouraging Your Child to Go to College

Research shows that students who have been encouraged to go to college from a young age are more likely to reach their goals and graduate from a college or university. Start instilling a positive attitude towards college this summer...
Reading is a very enjoyable activity, but when children struggle with it, they can begin to formulate a negative attitude towards it. That is why it is important to detect the problem and get your child help right away. The following are some reading objections children have and how to deal with...

How to Help Your Child Be More Diligent with Their Academic Work

Studies have shown that procrastination is one of the most common bad habits that students have and the one that is most often responsible for bad grades. However, with persistence and the right guidance, students can learn to avoid...

Tips to Improve Your Test-Taking Abilities

Tests aren't something you should study for the night before. Efficient test taking consists of learning the material very well and proving it through answering test questions correctly. That is why the best way to improve on test performance is to be...


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